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Will I like the Atlas if I'm short? (5'2")

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I've test driven the Atlas and found the driver's seat to be slightly too long. I am 5'2". We are looking at the SE with Tech. It is definitely better if I tilt the seat down all the way, so there's more space between where my knee bends and the seat, but it's still slightly annoying. I'd like to hear the experiences of other vertically challenged Atlas drivers. Do you just get used to it? Part of me wonders if I would have noticed it had I not read in the Consumer Reports review that some of their shorter test drivers thought the seat was a little too long, and if a lot of it's in my head! Thank you!
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Yes you will... I’m tall, and the 1st thing I said was I wish I was shorter because my knees hit the bottom of the Sterring wheel housing.
Maybe give it another test drive for a longer period to see how it feels after a while and if you still notice the seat problem. If it was something you were looking for right out the door, small things like the seat could seem more annoying than usual.
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