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Started shopping for winter wheels...learned something new/bs today...

so story goes i picked up the car recently and thought hey let's start looking for a new set of wheels..
Saw a tune shop locally what has a great deal on a wheel with almost perfect match to stock 18" except +1ET and went in to check.
Owner tells me the wheel would not hold the weight of the atlas.

Now to some degrees i thought it made perfect sense until he started selling me another set which is about $100 more per wheel. now those are good bbs wheels and its still a decent deal - i didn't buy since i wasn't budgeted for that extra $400

but the question is - i know the atlas is heavy at 6000lbs...but wheels that can't take the weight? the load rating per manufacture was 850kg...i thought it would pass as it is above half the heavy axle at 3131 lb...
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