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What do you do if your local dealer's service center is terrible?

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I have a 2018 SEL R-line and the A/C is not working. My preferred repair shop does not have the equipment to work on the 1234y refrigerant so unless I can find some other place I'm stuck taking it to the local dealer's repair center. The problem is their management is awful. The first time I took it in they kept it overnight and then no one showed up to work the next day so my car was literally locked inside a building that no one could get into so I had to take a loaner. Then they finally diagnosed a leak in the evaporator and I asked them to order the part and they just never called me back. I called them on the day it was supposed to come in and never got an answer, despite calling and asking for them to contact me.

Is there a way to find other authorized VW repair centers and/or complain to VW about a dealer? Any advice on locating a decent place to get the car serviced?
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Just look for another dealer? For Euro vehicles, I'm sure there is an indy Euro repair shop somewhere near you. Just start calling around.
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Id look for the next closest dealer... that said if i knew the local one sucked and there wasnt another real alternative... id skip that brand... its what I did with Audi and Volvo.... wanted a CrossCountry or a Audi Q5 but skipped them not because they are not good.. but because closest dealer is a hour away..
Contact VWUSA and open a complaint. I have done it in the past due to an ongoing vehicle issue that the local dealership needed a little nudge from corporate. Corporate will take down your information, contact the dealerships, GM and service manager, as well as send a representative to the dealership to work out a solution.
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