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About a month ago (mid July 2018) we bought our brand new 2018 VW Atlas SE/Technology R-line 2WD (no miles). About a week later, a rock hit my windshield and we had to have the entire windshield replaced. We had Safelite replace the glass with a VW product Atlas windshield and then took it into our local VW dealership for servicing for the recomended callibration testing and 4-wheel allignment (to make sure all of the sensors hooked up to the windshield were working within normal limits).

Immediately following this appointment and after we picked up the car, we noticed the steering column was off. When the steering wheel was completely straight, the car would drift to the left. Back to the dealership we go for the second time.

At the second appointment, they noted that their tool set was off, causing our cars alignment to be off, so they fixed it again. We get our car back, still feel like the problem wasn't completely fixed, still didn't feel straight, but thought maybe we were being sensitive or overthinking it.

The very next day, all of my warning lights turn ON. The lane assistance won't turn on. The cruise control won't turn on. I am LIVID at this point. 7 months pregnant with two toddlers. Back to the dealership again for the third time.

Our car has now been at the dealership for 4 days and they have absolutely no clue what is wrong with my car. They thought maybe the front camera was damaged so they replaced that. Still not turning off the warning lights. They thought the steering wheel needed to be tightened/adjusted. Still nothing. Now they think there is some faulty wiring somewhere, but truly don't have answers for me.

We are beyond devastated sick as we just purchased this car because our third child is due soon and we needed a larger car for our growing family. Has ANYONE had a similar experience? What ended up being the solution? The fact that they can't for sure tell me what's wrong has me worried that we were sold a lemon. I loved this car and none of these issues happened until after the new windshield was replaced. HELP!!
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