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Volkswagen has brought out some technology to be shared at CES. Trying to enhance future vehicles and the latter autonomous vehicles that they say will be on the roads by 2025, they have introduced the digital key.

Initially, you have to understand the user-id. It allows vehicle preferences such as dash display configurations to be stored to an individual user profile.

Pair that with the digital key and you have something that people will love to use all the time because it drastically enhances convenience. Your user-id is set on your digital key and anytime you us the key, your preferences will be imported and already set.

But wait, there's more!

You can use the key to set up access-rights. You can set time-based preferences where no one else can take the care when you're sleeping, or set it to pop the trunk for a delivery of a package, remote start, etc.
VW also announced that it is integrating Alexa Voice Services with its Car-Net connected telematics services. Basically, that means that you'll be able to use Alexa to access the services and apps that Car-Net talks to, and also to control the same functions outside of the car.
There's an evolved version of Digital Cockpit utilizing twin stacked screens technology to provide a 3D effect. Adding some depth to the display, VW says, should make it easier to navigate. The other in-car tech VW showed off is eye-tracking, which means that cars so equipped should be able to turn off displays or animations when the driver isn't looking at them. That will probably provide a benefit in terms of driver distraction.
Lastly, there's an updated HUD system that displays on two "planes". Data that's important to the immediate situation, like navigation cues, will be projected at what appears to be several feet in front of the car. Less pertinent information, like what radio station is being listened to, will appear closer to the base of the windshield. That should make it easier and more natural for drivers to focus on the important info, which is projected out closer to where they're already looking.
Info via: Volkswagen fleshes out Digital Key and User-ID personalization technologies at CES - Autoblog

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