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VW Atlas Tech Training Recap

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This video is chock full of information on the VW Atlas. I've been watching Humble Mechanic for quite some time on Youtube and obviously, he is a tech from VW which is why he was at the tech training for the Atlas.

Talks about how much room is in there, a bit about the drivetrain, and a lot of things about what he likes about it making various comparisons to other VW models, etc.

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When it comes to special vehicles like this (since no one really needs an Atlas) I always found visually pleasing things like the instrument cluster to go a long way in our overall experience.

Years down the road it will help in not having to worry about certain lights going out.
That's the thing I always think about but the flip side to that is... you don't have to worry about a light going out, but you do have to worry about if it malfunctions years down the line past warranty. And if it dies out on you, it looks pretty expensive to replace.
It's only gonna get more technical and complicated as time goes by but it's not something to really worry about. This technology has been implemented not only because it looks better, but because it'll last longer, etc.
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