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VW Atlas R-Line

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A new optional package is available to be applied to the SE and SEL models and it's called the "R-Line Package"

The R-Line package includes:

  • 20 inch twin-spoke alloys
  • R-Line badging
  • Different front and rear bumpers (bigger intakes, glossy black diffuser)
  • More noticeable side skirts
  • R-Line logo on the infotainment start screen
  • R-Line steering wheel
  • Stainless steel sports pedals
You'll be able to take a peek at the R-Line packaged Atlas when it makes its debut at the 2017 North American International Auto Show in Detroit on January 8th

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That close up on the headlight and you can see all the individual leds there. That's cool. Overall, I'm heavily inclined to want this R-Line package. Looks like it suits me well ;)
The lower air intake does look more aggressive, but it'll be down to how much the package costs. With the features it adds, I can see it going for 2-3k extra and that's not something I'm willing to pay for what they're offering.
As crazy as it sounds I would get it just for the R-Line badges and steering wheel. But those wheels wont' last long with me, instead i would rather get something from Vossen.

The Vossen wheels on this Q7 should flow well with the Atlas and better complement the R Line package:

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Those wheels would fit it like a glove. It'll give it that exclusive oem plus kind of look. I think even the CG-202 would look nice on there too

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On that point of your on OEM, Audi has a lot of OEM wheels that will look good too, and might even help the Atlas come off as an Audi from the side.

These exact wheels from the Q7 will do it:

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Yupp and the bolt patterns should match up. Hopefully the center caps aren't different in sizing so we could place a VW center cap on it to really complete the look ;)
I think you mean center bore?

Even if that is off it's not nearly as much of an issue as the bolt pattern being different, you can always get a spacer to compensate.
With how long the Q7 has been on the market it shouldn't be hard to find a used set in good condition for cheap or just ask around on some Audi forums.
No no I meant center cap lol, I'd rather swap over a circular center cap directly than have to put a cheesy sticker over it. To get the rims to say VW instead of Audi. Finding some good condition oem wheels won't be hard at all though. Like you said, forums, or eBay, there are tons of people are selling them.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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