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VW Atlas Production Has Begun

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Production of the new 2018 Volkswagen Atlas has begun at the automaker’s Chattanooga, Tennessee plant yesterday. VW has invested $900 million into the plant in preparation for the Atlas, which will be built alongside the Passat sedan.

Making its world debut Santa Monica, California back in October, the Atlas will be VW’s first three-row SUV/crossover and it’s an important step for the brand with the United States market as they try to move past the diesel emissions scandal.

VW Group of America chief Hinrich J. Woebcken told LeftLane News that "The Atlas marks a brand new journey for Volkswagen as we enter deeper into the heart of the American market, moving from a small-car brand towards a more family-friendly lineup."

Some may find the exterior design unassuming, but the two engine options makes up for it. Customers will of a choice of either the 238 hp turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine or a 280 hp 3.6-liter V6. Both are mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission and only the V6 variant will have all-wheel drive as an option.

We still don’t know the Atlas prices yet, but it is expected to go on sale next spring so VW should make the announcement soon.
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I was really hoping that the four banger would come with an AWD option. That's really disappointing as I wanted that engine but need the AWD for the winters that we have here. Really gotta take a look at this now.
Well that's disappointing to hear. I thought both engines will come with AWD. Is the 2.0-liter four going to come with RWD or FWD?
I may have to see if the V6 fits into my budget as AWD is a necessity to me.
The turbo four cylinder is going to be FWD.

Completely irrelevant but I've read on C&D that it comes with a 12 speaker Fender sound system. I've never heard of Fender before..
That 2.0 four banger is going to be coming FWD unfortunately. Really kills my vibe as I was hoping it would at least be RWD if it wasn't AWD
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