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Volkswagen Atlas Safety features not very safe.

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Hi all, I have afew problems I would like to share and reach out for possiable fixes or ways around. I’m about ready to sell my Atlas due to little problems I can’t stand. It’s a 18 SEL Premium

1. When I remote start vehicle when it’s cold outside. The temp syncs and sets at only 72 degrees, WITH the AC button active. Once I manual start to override remote I can change it. But it does not warm the vehicle while remote started because of the set 72 and ac button on. Just stupid.

2. We all do it, we don’t want to but we do. Head to the gas station, run inside to grab a soda for the kids and you jeepmthem in the vehicle. Doors don’t lock from outside when vehicle is running. Which you want to keep running for the need of ac or heat. Just crazy..

3. I pull into my driveway at home , with kids in backseats, hip out to grab something out of the house and as soon as I put vehicle in park and hop out the ENTIRE vehicle shuts off, I imagine tondave fuel, but really ? Once again, kids need ac or heat. I’m not talking about the Auto start/stop feature while at red light, I’m talking the entire Atlas shuts its self off.

4. Barely cold, I’m already getting power saver pop up saying low battery.

5. Can I bypass the start/stop feature permantky without needing to push the button off everytime I start the vehicle.
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Reply’s would be greatly appreciated.
1) This can be changed by your dealer (some have had issues but your manual says the dealer can change the pre-sets for the remote start). You can also do this yourself using OBD Eleven (google...I'm not going into detail here). The AC being on is not doing anything more than de-humidifying your air...72 is 72 and if it's cold out that will feel warm as the system is "smart" and takes ambient temp into account and will warm the air rather than cool it. I always run my AC in cars in teh winter to help prevent de-fogging. The Auto setting is your friend, set it and forget it - I believe it will run the AC all the time regardless which is to condition the air. You just want the setting to be warmer is all and you can change that as outlined above.

2) Again, can be changed using OBD Eleven.

3) Not sure on this one but yes, that's how it works. Are you leaving your key in car or taking it with you? I'd have to mess with this to see but I *think* auto start stop is what is killing it...could be wrong. For lingering heat when you turn the Atlas off, you can push the residual button which will allow warm air to continue to blow.

4) Not sure, but I know some Atlas's have had bad batteries...have it checked at the dealer.

5) OBD Eleven.

Head over to of these are probably handled on the Atlas forum if you know how to search for them. Also the Atlas forum on the OBD Eleven pro boards are full of info on some of these mods. Hardly worth eating massive depreciation to trade/sell it for these minor bits.
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Awesome !!! I greatly appreciate your time... thank you very much. Sounds like the OBD eleven is my key. Because when I tell the dealership, they tell me nothing can be done.

Again, thank you for the help
It looks like the obd eleven has multiple to choose from. For what I’m needing, I’ll want the electronics one you think ?
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