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Has anyone else used a vagcom or vcds to scan their own atlas to find any hidden codes that are alarming ? I own a 2018 SEL V6 4Motion

My dealer says they can't find anything wrong , yet, when I scanned mine it says there are transmission issues , however the cel isn't on.

I have noticed rough shifting here and there too. I didn't clear the codes and think it's bs I paid 75 for other issues they couldn't replicate while it was there. Coolant needing topped off yet again , sunroof shade getting snagged when opening randomly and rear hatch not wanting to close with the button with nothing in the way randomly too.

2 Faults Found:

9036 Bank1: Exhaust Cam Adjustment Circuit

P1057 00 [096] Open Circuit Intermittent Not Confirmed Tested Since Memory Clear

37682 Internal Control Module Main Processor Performance

PO60C 00 [032]-

Intermittent Not Confirmed - Tested Since Me
ory Clear

1 Fault Found: 22984 Gear Shift Lock Solenoid Control Circuit P0929 00 (032) Implausible Signal

Intermittent - Not Confirmed - Tested Since Memory Clear

Then xm radio not subscribed lol and overtemp protection on headlights which I was told to not worry about really and a low key battery voltage heh.

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Any VW owner should have a scan tool like OBDEleven or VCDS so yes, scanning is life so to say with a VW! One thing to be aware of....many of these codes will be present at any time and I suggest you clear them then check back in a week...anything that is persistent may be an issue. In your list, the only one worth concerning yourself with is the exhaust cam adjustment one but again, only if it keeps coming back.
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