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Trying to love it

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Hi everyone,
We got our Atlas in November, we've had some issues so far but if we can manage to keep it out of the shop for a whole month I think I'm really going to like it!
If anyone has had similar issues I'd really like to hear that I'm not alone with a lemon;
1. Range on the remote start sucks! Dealer thought it was the battery in the FOB but even with a new battery I can only get it to start within range of 7 empty parking stalls.
2.infotainment got stuck on a radio channel, I couldn't switch channels or bands, couldn't even change the page on my presets - only happened once so I couldn't get it looked at.
3. 'Bad cell' in the battery resulted in check engine light, no remote start capability and a 'start stop error'
4. Start stop error returned (and again i lost my remote start) the day after the dealership "fixed" it, no check engine light this time but I lost cabin heat on the ride home (and it was -27C today)
...And I'm only at 1300km (not even 1000 miles).
Does any one have any reassurance for me or suggestions on what i should do regarding all the issues I've had in 5 weeks?
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We got our new 2018 Highline Atlas 3.6 Dec 29 and I had to take it back in 2 days later. It was also quite cold and I had the same problem that you had in point #3 & 4. Start/Stop was inoperative, Check Engine light on and remote starter not working. Not very happy when it was only a few days old. VW Canada says they are looking into the issue and not to use the Block Heater until further notice. It only has about 200 km's on it...
Sadly this will have a lot of people shaking their head and saying "i knew it" on the fact this is living up to what general expectations of German cars are like.

Hence why I advocate for finding a good dealer, often they can help or hinder experience.
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