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Bought a new Atlas with a dealer installed trailer hitch. The vehicle however did not come with a trailer light socket (just the flat plastic cover). I checked the forums and purchased the Pollak from Amazon instead of the dealership. Install the 7 pin and used a multi-meter to test the power but all I'm getting is a pulsing 3 volts on most of the terminals. I checked the Pollak and the connectivity was all correct. I tested the plug coming from the vehicle and still only have pulsing power. None of the terminals was 12 volts. I tried the flashers with the engine on and off with all the same results. I'm reading that VW's enter a "trailer mode" when a trailer is attached and the blind spot, rear parking senors, eco mode all turn off automatically. Does trailer lights plug only work when the vehicle enters "Trailer Mode?" I do see multiple fuses labelled "Towing recognition control Module" in the driver foot well.
I called the dealership I got the car from and they said they will look at the plug but it'll cost $138 to diagnosis but if it is a warranty problem it's free of charge. I found this really annoying.
My question is - have others seen the pulsing on the trailer light plug on VW SUV's when a trailer is not attached? Is the trailer mode true? I'm about to go to a local Uhaul and just rent a trailer to tow around the block to test the plug before I go to the dealership.

I went to a local Home Depot tool rental location and asked if I could just plug in a trailer to test my lights. Once I had a trailer plugged in all the lights worked. Didn't even setup the hitch ball or move the car. Once I unplugged the trailer I did get warning lights on the dash to check the lights on the trailer. I guess chalk this one up to "German engineering" and making the trailer light plug super complicated.
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