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Towing experience anyone?

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Hey new Atlas owner. Love my SEL. Doing some desert towing this weekend and wondering if I should load it up with premium gas for better performance? Should I drive in sport mode or another mode? Also- I remember the dealer mentioning that when I hook up the trailer wiring, the car detects it and does some special stuff. Not sure if it’s the AWD system or the onboard computer or safety features... Anyone experience this yet? Should I be prepared for some surprises? Thanks in advance!
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Welcome! I'm not one for towing so I've never tried it, but I can give you my two cents from reading a lot.
For fuel, it's honestly fine to just use the manufacturer suggested octane. In most cases, using higher octane doesn't do much of anything for performance. As for towing, I'd assume the wiring is for brake lights on your trails and whatnot.
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