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Rather than posting in an existing thread, I decided to start a completely new one to better cover my extremely frustrating and expensive experience in hopes this may help others.

The Vehicle
2020 Volkswagen Atlas SE V6 with Technology

The Radar Detector:
Uniden R3

The Tap Kit
It's 2020 and drivers need a way to connect accessories such as Radar Detectors and Dash Cams without having wires all over the interior and without having to tear apart the dash to string cables. Auto manufacturers really dropped the ball by adding a power connector for the mirror but not adding an accessory plug that users have access to. Blendmount is a brand who makes one of the best solutions, a tap kit that you just plug into the existing connections of the mirrors and most of the time it works fine, but not on the Atlas.

Take note of where the taps are in case you are brave enough to do this yourself!

When you order the tap kit, four tap sizes are included and I could not find one that does not eventually come loose, even after using a cable tie and or electrical tape to keep the wires together. Sure it does provide power but once you stuff everything back and attempt to put the mirror back on, the connection may eventually come loose and you will need to remove and reattach the mirror again which I can assure you is something you do NOT want to have to do.

The Problem: Volkswagen's Rear View Mirror Design
Removing the rear view mirror is relatively strait forward and there are a couple of videos online to show how to do it. Once you have the mirror completely off, you will then have access to the power plug and can then connect the taps which do work.

The PROBLEM is reinstalling the mirror!! To reinstall, you have to align the four mirror clips here:

Yes, I didn't know where to align them either! The couple of videos online show users struggling but eventually locking the mirror in place. I tried and tried and after over an hour, eventually broke one of the tabs so I had to purchase a new rear view mirror!!!

The aftermath: A visit to the dealer for a new Mirror
So asking for the cost of ONLY the standard rear view mirror, I was quoted over $440!!! I told them that this SAME part number is for sale online for only $100. The dealer went on to say that it may not be genuine, would not be covered under warranty by Volkswagen and could cause an error in the electrical system but if I bought it, they would be willing to install it for me. I told the dealer that if I am going to buy a new mirror, I wanted to upgrade to the HomeLink version which surprisingly was $150 LESS than the standard version.

The Install
I was charged an hour of labor for the install and they took every minute of it. They had to put their most senior tech on it and he struggled to get the pins to align but eventually found success with a pair of water pump pliers. The dealer told me that they are not provided instructions either but this was a similar design to other VW models and they had a few techs who knew how to do it. They also went on to say that there have been times that windshields have been accidentally broken due to the amount of pressure needed to reinstall the mirror.

Lessons Learned

The Blendmount mirror mount to hang the Radar detector under the mirror works fine, I am using it now with no issue but only time will tell how well it will hold up (still have ugly cords on the dash).

The tap itself is no longer an option for me. It cost almost $500 to fix the mirror I broke due to Volkswagen's crappy design. If YOU decide to go this route, you should find a windshield installer, car stereo shop or dealer BEFOREHAND who would be willing to reinstall the mirror and will cover the cost of a new windshield and related sensors if they break it.

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Sorry to read this, It must of hurt and that I can relate with :censored:

Thanks for taking the time to share and give other members a heads up !

Years ago, I went the cordless route mostly so I can quickly move it to another vehicle
and take it out of town for rental units.
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