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My commute goes primarily South in the morning and I get the sun hitting the side of my face. I use the telescoping sun visor on my '21.5 SE R-line over the drivers window for a fair amount of the journey.

The fastener has loosened again so when covering the drivers window it droops and bounces. This happened after about nine months, and when I took her (the Atlas) in for an oil change, they fixed it.

Well it happened again. My thought is to remove the cover by the base of the visor arm, put some Lock-Tite on the threads and screw it back in. Yet, glancing at the cover, I don't want to pry it open and mess up the cover. The plastic looks like it would bend fairly easily.

Any thoughts on how to do this in a neat, clean method to keep her still looking good? Is the lock-tite idea good?
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