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Slightly Awkward Atlas Commercial

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I'm all for creative commercials.. this one is just.. kind of odd perhaps? What do you guys think of it?

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I guess you could say creative I think? This is almost, if not equally as ridiculous as Fiats horrible "blue pill" commercials.
Clever commercial and most importantly its one that people will remember since some commercials go right over your head. But at the same time I have a feeling some people will suggest its inappropriate, only time will tell.
Some people will definitely say it's inappropriate but like @Bigchuck mentioned the blue pill commercials, I think those were worse. I don't find them inappropriate, I just find them odd. That being said, people now are a lot more sensitive to these things so who knows how the media takes it.
Fortunately it does't play into anything happening in the media or anything happening on a political level so it could very well fly under the radar for all we know. Instead it could have more of a positive effect than anything else with the growing family demographic this appeals to. Being newly weds watching this does make an impact.
True.. about 2.3 million couples get married every year or approximately 6,200 a day :)

also helps that 1/3rd of them have been married before as well

That's a pretty big population lol.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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