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SE w Tech Seats

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Has anyone noticed how low the passenger seat sits. Is their a way to raise it that I can't see in an SE with Tech. Also the drivers seat fully raised still doesn't enable a short person much visibility. My wife is 5-2 and doesn't love it.
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Same problem

My wife is 5.0 so it's even worse for her.
Salesman told my even the highest trims have manual passenger seats.
I know VW tried to cut corners to keep cost down but little things like that can be deal breakers for some.
Another semi major problem with me is the exhaust tips in the bumper that do nothing it's going to be very embarrassing on a cold morning with the guy in his new Ford Explorer laughing at me cause I bought a VW.
Only good note is I emailed Alpen Offroad and they are working on making a aftermarket exhaust that will exit out of real tips.
Here's there site

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