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I am wondering if anyone can give me some guidance on next steps as I am tired. My 1 year old Atlas has been giving me a lot of problems:

1. I was to turn right after a brief stop at traffic light. I engaged the road only to discover that there is no power coming when I accelerate. Lucky enough the on coming traffic was very slow. My VW rolled out of the road and I managed to park it safely but the gears and key locked for about 5 mins before it unlocked and I managed to get it home.

2. They invited me for a recall to fix the Door Jack. They did only one door and promised completing the others when they receive part in 2 weeks. It is now more than 1 month. When I called they said that the part supplier have not given them an ETA for delivery of the part.

3. In the past 3 days, when I stop at the traffic stop a message "Attention Engine is running" with a high pitch sound and warning yellow light will appear as see in the attached picture. That is quickly followed by another error "Error: Driver door contact switch" the digital cockpit

4. In the past 1 month, when the car is in motion, the infotainment system screen will go black and start re-booting itself.

Just wondering if anyone has similar issues and or some thoughts on how to address these.

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