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Hi All,
I have a 2019 Atlas SE with 4Motion and at 23,xxx miles it is looking like (or sounding and feeling like) it is time for new front pads and rotors.

This is my first VW after owning about 6 Toyotas. My last two sienna mini vans chewed through breaks and tires within 15,000 to 30,000 miles.
I had a 2016 Sienna that the dealer replaced the break pads and rotors at 15,000 miles and "under warranty". Toyota has an issue with too heavy a car with too small/cheap breaks.

Anyways, I digress.

Wanted to see what milage others are replacing breaks and rotors at?

At 23,000 miles on my Atlas, my tires are still looking really good, I would guess barely 50% of wear.

I was hoping to get at least 30,000 miles on it before I have to do the breaks.

Thank you Tc1uscg for your comment, that is in part why I left Toyota - they are just turning out crap... I love my atlas, however I am thinking next car might be a Hyundai or Ford
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