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Rear Hatch Wiring/Electrical Issues

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I bought my VW Atlas back in February and it has 2100 miles on it. About a month ago I started to experience some random electrical issues. Some of the driver assist alerts would beep at random times, even when no cars were around. The back up camera worked but stopped beeping when closely approaching an object. The driver display would flash that the rear hatch was open, even though it was closed.

About two days ago, the car started beeping non stop after I drove over 5 mph. It would only stop beeping when I went below 5 mph. As soon as Iwent over 5 mph, continuous beeping. Alerts popped up that said the rear hatch was open when it was clearly closed. The backup camera would cut in and out and flash alerts about the rear hatch being open.

I took the car back to the dealership and they weren't sure what was going on. They called a corporate VW service center and they did have some reports of similar issues.

Here's what was going on....there are two interior lights in the cargo area, one on each side. When the hatch opens up and down, some wiring the runs behind the side panels, would get caught on these lights. Over time the wiring that hooked up to the back up camera and the rear hatch got disconnected. One of my interior rear lights also stopped working b/c the movement of the wires disconnected it.

The dealership had to order new lights and a new harness and the parts are in now. I'm heading to the dealership today to get it fixed. They're telling me that once they replace the parts and secure the wiring, it should fix all of the issues I was experiencing. Fingers crossed.
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Constant beeps over 5mph sounds absolutely infuriating. Hopefully the new lights and wiring harness fix these issues. Any idea how the wiring got all disconnected in the first place? Guess it just wasn't securely hooked up from factory?
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