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R-Line arrival date?

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Anyone know when the R-Line and Captain's Chairs can be ordered other than later this summer? After a couple weeks of test drives and discussions, I feel like the R-Line trim will hide the Black plastic around the bottom on the Atlas (less wheel wells). I'm afraid the plastic will turn over time and cheapen the look. Any help is appreciated.
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Not entirely sure if there's a set date out as of yet, but if they say later this summer, we can possibly anticipate August area? That's typically when the year changes over and "new" features get introduced
Where about are you from?
If in the states then the timeline mentioned above by chuck might hold true, although that should be compared with what your local dealer says. R-Line was in a way made to better appeal to Americans.

Canadians might have to wait a bit longer as per usual.
Give Canadians another month or so and they should be getting it. But not much of a longer wait for them anyhow. Knowing where OP is would definitely give us something better so we could possibly give him slightly more accurate information.
So I presume no information has been updated ? I'm really interested and am probably going to wait until it's available.
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