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I bought these and it reduces the Transmission Noise when accelerating. I can no longer hear the noise it worked.

Crazy the dealership did not have an answer or new about these parts already made by VW. Need to remove the botton cover to access the torque converter housing then push these in. T25 and T45 bits to remove plastic bottom engine cover

Does it make it more quiet? Yes


Sites to Buy these parts

Link - VW Parts Volkswagen Atlas 4Motion 3.6L V6 Search SiteSearch 09P301160 - Page 1 - ECS Tuning


VW Part #s

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Motor vehicle Vehicle

Hood Automotive tire Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Automotive design

Chocolate letter Font Input device Auto part Electric blue


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thanks for this. Ill order them and toss them in, so annoying to be so loud and have people look at your vehicle likes its a broken pos.

I was JUST in the dealer and I brought it up again , we both knew what it was, he said they made plugs for it now and I even saw it when i did my own oil, i was like hmmm why is this even open like water, dust, or heat can escape is my guess...shrug. hopefully doesnt cause issues.

I was trying to get him to do it since ive been complaining about it for years on and off, each time i send it in for something lol. They should pay under warranty since its a nuisance

Why are there 3 parts though, all different sizes or ill see once there which one goes where since molded to each hole based off of the corners

EDIT: OR its open to be able to access the bolts lol

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I purchased part numbers 09P301160A, 09P301160b, 09P301160 From ESC. Items fit perfectly. Took me 10 minutes to install. You will need two Torqs/Star point bits, I think they were T25 and T45, to remove the under covering or splash guard. 3 T45 bolts and 8 T25 screws. Panel then slides backward and off. In my case they didn't seem to reduce the sound. They just masked the lower tones and left the higher pitch. 2019 Atlas
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