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Hi all, new to the forum. This is my third vehicle from VW and it's been a great ownership experience for all of them so far (previously leased a 2016 Passat and a 2019 Tiguan). Never had any major issues with any of them (fingers crossed!).

Anyway, with the inventory shortage and the specific options I wanted (bench seat for second row), my dealership was having trouble finding one for me. This came in fresh from the factory last week so they called me up and I snagged it! This is my first white car and I really like the look. Upgrading from Tiguan as my girlfriend and our dogs do a lot of road trips and car camping and the Tiguan just wasn't big enough for our needs. I had them install the OEM cross bars before I picked it up.

In terms of modifications I plan on adding the B2Bfab camber-correcting lift/leveling kit and the graphite Fifteen52 wheels as seen on the Basecamp concept along with some all terrain tires. Also thinking about adding the fender flares and side skid plates from the basecamp model as well just for some extra fanciness.

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