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Common on ALL VWs with pano sunroofs...leaks thats manifest in wet headliners etc. etc.

For the Atlas, there has been a service campaign (60E2..not the same as a recall) which you can check your VIN and see if it applies here:

Recall / Service Campaign Lookup (

Bottom line here is - the simplest way to prevent drama with your pano sunroof is keeping the drains clean/clear. This is a maintenance item. If you store your Atlas outside and especially under trees, you may need to do this more freuqently. I do mine once a year. Like it or not, this is something you need to do and you have the dealer do it if you aren't's not a warranty item BTW no different than oil changes etc.

The way the pano sunroof works, there are drains in each of the four corners and when it rains, you wash your car, etc. the water fills a channel that acts just like a gutter on your house and it flows to one of the four corners where there is a hole that leads to a hose that leads to the ground. They all exit near the wheels. Fronts are in the f. wheel wells behind the plastic liner and rears are behind the r. wheels under the felt-like cover near the bumper.

The issue causing many of the leaks is something called a "spider trap". It's really just a rubber flapper cover for the end of the drain hose (that has a "hinge" that these slide on) that is supposed to keep dirt/debris etc. out of the hose...but all it usually does it cause issues. The service campaign listed above just removes these. They work by water building up behind it and once there is enough pressure it pushes it open and drains.

Road surface Asphalt Tints and shades Gas Circle

To clean them, I just put my Atlas on a slope (my driveway), open the pano, and pour water in the gutter at each side to direct water to the front and back and make sure I get water coming out each of the drains onto the ground. Simple. I've even used weed-eater/string trimmer cord to go in from the top on the fronts and compressed air - I don't think that's necessary unless you have a blockage. Keep in mind the rears are not accessible so you just need to pour water in at the slope break to have it run back torwards the rear.

I've had my p. side rear leak twice so finally looked under last night and low and behold the spider traps were still in place...VW didn't remove them like they were supposed to for the service campaign; I need to double check the fronts but my guess is they did those b/c they are easier. I did the above procedure and have good flow out of all 4 so all sorted.

Hope this helps someone out.

Note: There are other reasons pano sunroofs leak. Bad frames that have cracks, pinched drain tubes during assembly, or even drain tubes that have become separated from the frame. Certainly what I have listed is likely the more common issue but if cleaning them doesn't sort it out, look at these other issues.
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