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Hi guys,

Just picked up our new Atlas, SEL Premium in Reflex Silver with black interior, and black wheels.

We love the car, but it has a fault that necessitates replacement of the top of the dashboard: the "stitched" line that runs from left to right, dips down around the passenger airbag... other than this, the car is just what we hoped it would be.

2 questions:

Does anybody know if there's a rear cargo area cover available (either OEM or aftermarket)? It looks like VW thought about it, as there are slots molded into the rear cargo area side panels that look like they are made for a retractable cover.

Does anyone have recommendations for a good set of side steps/running boards?



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Sorry to here about the dash hopefully they will replace it.
I'm also a new owner Black SE with Shetland interior.
I've been doing some research on genuine and after market parts here's some links. Your SEL might have some of these features already.

Running boards

LED fog light bulbs

LED tail,brake and back up bulbs
Shop by Car Model - VW Atlas | deAutoKey

VW Atlas throttle controller

Don't know if your interested in the other stuff.
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