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Finally picked up our 2018 Atlas SEL 4motion premium, drove it back from New Jersey, 29 hrs and 1660 mi to Houston. (saved $630, shipping would have been $850. I spent 136 in fuel, $80 for one-way flight, 20 in food).
Loving it so far, MODS all ordered (roof rack, splash guards, side-step, infotainment screen, 4motion badges, AFE already arrived and picked up "wookie" pipe on the way at Smith VW in DE.) Already planned to powdercoat wheels so pics will be after it's all done.
This is an upgraded from my 05 Touareg V8 which finally succumbed to an unknown voltage drain, but lasted over 186K and I absolutely loved it! It has endless adventure stories from our motorcycle trips.
Looking forward to taking the Atlas out on the road.
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