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Hello everyone,

I recently sold my 2014 Jetta SEL and purchased a Platinum Silver Cross Sport SEL V6. I've been enjoying exploring the mid-atlantic region's disc golf courses, parks, and landmarks with my better half and Canon EO6 6D. The Cross Sport's combined higher view of the road and extra cabin space has made road trips much more comfortable. The cavernous back seat and panoramic sun roof are tempting me to purchase a sleeping bag for doing some national park car camping and taking photos of the night sky.

I've attached a mix of shots taken in the DC area using my iPhone and Canon. I live in DC and (without getting too political) things have been understandably intense this year.


Rock Creek is a nice park for disconnecting but the trails get a little crowded with joggers and cyclists. I recently discovered Seneca Creek which feels more like going off the grid.


The park's disc golf course inspired me to pick up a disc golf starter set at Dick's Sporting Goods. I still throw like I'm at a backyard BBQ. Maybe one day I'll throw like one of those disc warriors in the movie TRON.

Until then, I enjoy chasing golden hour with my camera in the area. It's a good excuse to do some hiking as the day cools down and practice photography.




Longwood Gardens is another great excuse for a road trip. It's located about 2.5 hours north of DC in Kennet Square, Pennsylvania. The massive grounds are immaculate and there are countless styles of gardening on display. The fountain calls to mind Versailles. All that is missing is a hall of mirrors. The Cross Sport's extra room makes it easy to take my photo gear on the road.



I also enjoy exploring urban ruins. I recently came upon an abandoned power house on a trail in Maryland. The combined atmosphere and graffiti seemed like a great setting for a movie or rave.




Enough about me: What are some of your favorite road trips and places to unwind?
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