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New 2023 Atlas SE owners!

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Never looked at Volkswagen until now. Wife and I have been GMC loyalists until she started having some issues with her 2019 Terrain. I told her we should look at trading it and she found the Taos and Atlas.

Test drove the Taos and ran the numbers on both. Ended up getting a great trade in and went with a blue Atlas SE!

I absolutely love this vehicle so far, and likely will be my next vehicle as well.

Already had a few compliments on it driving it home.

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As big as it is on the outside, wait until you fold down all the seats and see how big it is on the inside! When we helped our daughter move recently she called it "The TARDIS"! You could live in it!

Enjoy your new ride, it looks great!
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Congratulations and drive it in the best of health, I picked up almost the identical truck on Monday but I LOVE your wheels, might have to look for a pair of those.

Would you mind sharing what your OTD price was?
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