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I went with Michelin CrossClimate 2 in 255/55-20. They are 31" tall and I felt the car needed a little more cushion. I have the B2B "plus" spacer set which has 20/25mm spacers. If it looks ridiculous, I'll trade them for the "flush" fit. I shouldn't see any rubbing as I kept the factory tire width and have an additional 20mm for lateral clearance exclusive of the lift. I have the blocks as well should I need them.

Wheels are back from powder coating and I'm waiting for Tirerack to ship the tires.
The exhaust sounds nice. It's mild but nice.
I used ODBEleven to code out the auto stop/start and a ton of other useful things.
Just did a Haldex service a little early @ 29k miles, along with oil, air, cabin filter, brake fluid.
PDR guy coming at the end to clean up a few tiny dings.

I leased this 3 years ago as a spare car. The buy out was of course low compared to the MMR trade value so I bought it. May as well put a little into it to make it an interesting car.
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