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KBB - VW Atlas Review

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Kelley Blue Book posted a big review of the midsize SUV segment and did quite the write up on the Volkswagen Atlas. One of the "cons" of it unfortunately was that they wanted more power out of it and that was definitely something I was questioning before. But.. more power can always be added so it's not that much of an issue, just gotta suck it up for warranty sake I guess.
Above Average: Unprecedented interior space and a monstrous 6-year/72,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty.

Below Average: More power to move the beast is at the top of our wish list.

Consensus: Priced responsibly, smartly equipped, and roomier than you can imagine, the all-new Atlas makes a strong case for you and the family to revisit the brand.

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That poor power is a bit of a trade off because we get slightly good MPG's, up to 23 which for a vehicle like this is not bad. I doubt power will be much an issue to most owners. Once you get off the line and try to push it from rolling speeds you'll be fine.
After 24 hours of owning mine, I've only opened it up on the freeway a couple of times, but I can sense what they mean from the lack of power. It's not an issue for me whatsoever. I had 5 people in the car and we were able to stay pretty zippy, making lane changes and accelerating to pass other drivers.

Let's face it - it is a big heavy SUV, and given what it's got at the price point it hits, I think it checks all the boxes for the majority of people looking for something like this. For those who want more speed/nimbleness (and less payload room), I'd say keep your eyes peeled for the 2018 Tiguan coming up around the corner....
The new Tiguan definitely would be the go to if you want something more nimble as it looks almost exactly like a mini-Atlas. Which... great idea VW, I love it. But I do need the space so Atlas it is.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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