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Hi team
I am trying to install Curt spectrum 51170 on my 2019 Atlas with factory installed towing package.
Thanks to the great information in the forum - it was easy for me (I think) to find the break controller cable.
I bought the Curt 51522 Harness for simple installation to adopt between the VW wire to Curt main unit.... but... I was amazed to see that the connector in my car- (a 4 wire connector - with wires that look similar in description to what I saw on the web) is different and does not fit this harness. The connector itself looks different from what I saw on the web so far and it absolutely not fit to the curt harness for VW.
in closer look - you can see that the connector in my car is marked as VW part number 1J0971974 - see pictures.

1) Is this the break controller cable - did I find he right cable?
2) What harness should I use to connect the Curt spectrum
3) If there is no dedicated Harness - what is the risk to remove this 1J0971974 connector and hard wire solder to the harness cable to the harness?
4) Where can I find documentation of the 4 wires connected to my connector (what color wire is the break paddle etc)
5) The Curt is advising 30 Amp automatic breaker - where should I install it? is that required in Atlas?

thank you for your help!
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