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My Infotainment unit is on the fritz, here's what it's doing:

Does not turn on immediately when starting the engine
Shutting off intermittently, when restarting it has completely reset itself: radio stations presets gone, not paired, etc.
Navigation in perpetual 'Checking navigation database....' nothing ever loads
Something everything but the radio is in 'Loading mode' for 1-5 minutes, nav never loads.
Radio sometimes stays on once the vehicle is shut off and the doors opened. Have to restart the engine and shut off.
Does not always respond to turning on/off when pressing button. Sometimes it take 1-2 minutes before it turns on.


Day 1: made a change using vag-com to open/close windows with remote. During this period with the ignition on, the battery went dead in 5 minutes! The message flashed "Battery voltage low, turn off ignition" once I did that it was already dead and would not start. Had to jump it.

Day 2: no issues, everything seemed normal

Day 3: no issues, everything seemed normal

Day 4: navigation stopped working, including the directional indicator in the MFD (N, NE, etc.) Navigation in perpetual 'Checking navigation database....' nothing ever loads. Infotainment system shut itself off once.

Day 5: Did some more vag-com changes, thinking this was a navigation issue, did the usual needle sweep, fogs with highbeams, etc. did not intentionally mess with anything on the infotainment system. Unit completely lost it's mind now, doing all the things mentioned above. Reset the unit to 'Factory settings' on everything, did not make a difference. Tried a 'reset' based on some internet info, holding the on/off button down for 20+ seconds, didn't seem to do anything, but unit would not turn immediately afterwards.

Day 6: clear that the unit is in a reboot loop, restarting approx every 10 minutes, wipes all presets, etc nav does not boot up.

Not sure if some changes I made in vag-come set this off, or the battery going dead did something, or the unit is coincidentally toast at the same time.

Luckily I have an appointment with VW Dec 28, downside it I have a 6 hour drive for the holidays and it would be nice to have the system running.

Tonight I'm going to reset some of the vag-com changes, might do a scan first to see if something comes up. I was also thinking of doing a hard reset which used to work with things on my GTI, disconnecting the battery for 20min.

At one point, can't remember when, I took out the nav SD card, can't remember if the unit was running or not. Not sure of that could have corrupted something because I did not 'safely remove it'.

Anyone else have any ideas?

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I did the following:

Pulled the nav card before start up. After a few short trips where the unit would usually restart 2-3x every 10 minutes, it has not restarted, so good.

I also disconnected the battery the next day, to get a full reset. Again, no issues after that so far. But I have not put the nav card back in. Considering I have a 7+ hr drive this week, I'm not putting it in until I get to my destination (and subsequent service).

So, I'm thinking it has something to do with the nav card/system.

Also, out of fear of the stealership messing with me, I went into vag-com and took out the needle sweep and easy in/out on the seats so there's nothing obvious to them, just in case they pin programming on the issues.
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