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Important specifications in a Crossover SUV

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The things I am interested in a Crossover SUV are the following:

Ground clearance (mm or inches),
Turn circle (mm or inches),
Tire specification and wheel size,
Available off road protection package,
Clear explanation of the four driving modes (icons)
Front seats collapsible or foldable?
Cigarette (12V) socket at the rear of the car

Regardless of the usefulness of others specifications I would like somebody in this forum provide answers to the above queries. Help much appreciated.



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The four settings are for : Snow, Sport, On-Road, Off-Road

I just recently seen that they will be offering a "Weekend Edition" which will have 18" wheels, an urban loader roof cargo box, but can't really see anything else.
Can't find the other info but I found tire models?

The Atlas comes with Pirelli Scorpions
You'll probably have to wait a while before the full list of specs are released, most likely when we're approaching the Atlas release date. I'd like to know the ground clearance too.
What I find weird is that reviewers that have seen the Atlas up close aren't mentioning the ground clearance or anything of that specification at all. Maybe a slight embargo?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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