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2018 Atlas SE w/Tech R-Line
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Wanted to get the take from users who rack up miles on their Atlas and the experience they have had owning it. Personally we have an 18 Atlas SE w/Tech R-Line with just shy of 71k miles.

During those miles we have experienced:
  • Insufficient battery (car would auto-shut off but we would be able to start back up). VW replaced the battery under warranty.
  • Recurring CEL O2 related. VW replaced catalytic converters, but also broke some mounting points to the intake manifold so that was also replaced.
  • Coolant smell after driving and magically disappearing coolant. At first was told coolant evaporation is normal.
  • Return of CEL and O2 along with coolant smell and continued disappearing coolant. VW replaced Cats (again), water pump and intake manifold after accidental damage (again!).
  • Return of CEL and O2 (AGAIN). VW replaced Cats a third time but under recall.
  • Unexpected vehicle shut down while driving with the loss of consistent brake feel (all or nothing braking). VW replaced ECM, battery and alternator. Took nearly 3 months to fix.
  • Return of unexpected vehicle shut down while driving - Sits with dealer as of this posting.
Would love to hear what others that put above average mileage (15k+/yr) on their Atlas.
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