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Hello , new here. Thank you
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Welcome to the forum! Have you picked up your Atlas yet or put in an order?
It would help if you provide more of a formal introduction of yourself. In a in-person social setting you wouldn't do the same, otherwise that would be very awkward.
Hopefully we can know more about you!
Hello all, thank you.
I’ve picked up the SeL Premium Gray, so far loving it. Will take some time to get use to. Coming from the Grand Cherokee 3.0L Diesel I hold reserves. But boy I tell ya, so far so good !!

1st vw I’ve owned, my wife really zoned in on this Atlas since day 1 of seeing it. Time will tell as I live in a very very cold environment so I’ll get a good feel of it for the rest of this winter. So far so good.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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