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Help - ‘front assist not available’

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Hi all - I have just got the SEL Atlas R-line. 300 Mile’s and tonight I got a ‘front assist not available’ ⚠ - I tried resetting this function on the control panel - but don’t appear to have solved anything. Has anyone else experienced this issue - thoughts? Or is it a trip back to the dealer?
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Haven't seen this yet, maybe the sensors are dirty or there's something obstructing it?
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My SEL did the same thing for a day or two. I fill up with gas and all is OK. That was the only time it happened in 10,000 miles
You could always try resetting the system by disconnecting the battery. Though that's going to reset all your saved settings.
Had that problem from day one. Dealer specialist ended up replacing something in the front grill.
Same thing just started happening to my 2018 Atlas.
Same thing happened to me yesterday, after a battery replacement on Friday. The battery replacement itself was necessitated because, per the dealer, VW original equipment (car is only 16 months old) was inadequately sized for the power demands of the car's systems. The dealer supposedly installed a more powerful batter. Sounds like a design defect, to me. Losing the Front Assits now adds insult to injury.
2018 Atlas with 22K and this just happened to me last week. Took it to the dealer and once they confirmed there was no front damage they proceeded to re calibrate the sensor and the warning sign went away. No cost as it is under warranty. Problem solved.
I once got a similar error but it was due to snow obstructing the sensor in front the the rear view mirror
I got it twice. Once was road salt drying over the sensor/camera....the other was snow.

Oh, and just cleaning the sensor and camera didn't help. It required a restart of the vehicle before it would work again.
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