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Heating/ cooling seats "ON" when remote start

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Hi all,

I am new here on the forum and am looking to purchase an Atlas execline (SEL premium in US) shortly.
Maybe someone can answer my question:
Let's say I want to remote start my vehicle with seats heating previously left "ON" . Is it possible ? I am wondering as the buttons are not mechanical so you can't leave them switched "on" or "off". Also what about cooling/ ventilation being left "ON" before stopping the engine and then remotely started?
Any clue would be appreciated. Thank you !
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The seats are heated and cooled dependant on the outside temperature. It's an automatic function of the car. No need to pre-set the temperature controls on either the seating or cabin cooling/heating.

Hope this helps.
Thanks David !
I presume the story is the same with the steering wheel when requires to be heated.
I can't wait to have a test drive this weekend !
I’m not finding this to be so. It’s -10f here and my heated seats/wheel does not auto turn on with remote start. I have to manual turn on once inside.
Sel Premium
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