I sold my 2018 Atlas a few months ago and am looking to sell the custom cargo liner from it. This a Hamilton custom cargo liner (you can check out their website here to learn about their products and this product, in particular). I verified with the manufacturer that this liner will fit at least up through the 2021 model year of Atlas (I don't know about 2022 or the Sport model).

This liner includes all of the pieces to cover the front, middle (60/40 seat version) and rear seat backs as well as the cargo space (with underlying padding to make it more comfy for the dogs), all of the side plastic panels up to the back of the middle seat, the inside of the rear hatch and it even had a flap to cover the bumper when load and unload (great for keeping your pooch from scratching the bumper with his/her toenails. The seats can all fold/unfold with the liners installed. I used it for 3 years from Day 1 of owning my Altas and when I sold the car, the inside looked brand new. It even saved me some money at the detailer because he charged extra for dog hair, which there was none. All of the liner pieces are as good as the day I bought them. I have a picture of each piece to show there are no tears or damage, but frankly, they are large, floppy pieces of black vinyl so they don't photograph very well (tears would be obvious, though, because the backside is white).

The set includes a full compliment of sticky-back 3M Velcro from the manufacturer for installing the pieces that cover the plastic panels. The Velcro sewn to the cover pieces can stick directly to any carpet covered areas.

Also, the wrinkles in the vinyl will smooth out with one good day in the sun. This cover fits the inside of the Altas like a glove!

PM me of interested. Buyer pays shipping.

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