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From car to truck

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Hey everyone,

New to the forum and currently on the search for something larger than my current VW. I've owned several Volkswagens and have been a happy customer so far. I've never owned a Volkswagen truck however, so I'm not exactly sure what to expect. I'm here to see what you guys have to say and determine whether or not this vehicle is a good fit. I'm also considering the Touareg and Tiguan.
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It's like driving a big Golf, and actually based on the same platform. Easy to adapt to. Bumping the tire pressures from 35 to 40 lbs makes the handling sharper while not affecting the ride adversely, IMHO. However, unless you need all of the interior space for a family, or towing capacity, the Tiguan seems the better value, while still a nice size.
One thing you can expect for sure is the most obvious which is the lack of sporty feel. The Atlas is a big vehicle and fundamentally will feel like you're lugging around weight. Not that its a bad thing IMO.
Just make sure you get some seat time before putting down a deposit.
Thanks for the feedback guys! Glad to hear that the transition should be relatively easy. Definitely need something with lots of space and a higher towing capacity, just got a cottage in the last year and I have plenty of toys/family member to lug around. There are so many trims options available, that I have no idea where to start. I know for sure, that I will need to focus on towing and AWD. Which did you guys choose and how do you find it?
Have you found what you're looking for in your search for a bigger vehicle?
It's awesome that you were considering making the switch from a VW car to a VW truck. It's a different experience, but I think you would love it. As for the Touareg and Tiguan, they're both awesome vehicles as well. The Touareg is more of an SUV while the Tiguan is a compact crossover, so it depends on what you're looking for. But if you're wanting something bigger and more powerful, definitely check out the trucks. Also, I think you might take a look at because they've got some sick trucks for sale! If you're looking for something larger than your current VW, you'll definitely find some great options there.
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