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First time VW Owner - Atlas S

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this past December I traded in a '13 sonata for the '18 Atlas S. Ive never owned a VW previously so this puts me in a new world with everyone here on the forum. We dont have a Dealer here in New Braunfels Texas, but there are some in San Antonio not to far from me. I suppose my main intentions is to learn from everyone on the sites wisdom and experience as an owner, so hello to all the new friends.
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Dukakis is that 2.0T. What did you pay for it?
Congrats on the Atlas.
Its too bad that Hyundai doesn't sell anything like the Atlas, although now they have the Palisade (and Kia Telluride)
Are you part of any other VW boards/communities?

Keep us posted on how your experience goes.
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