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2019 Volkswagen Atlas SEL
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Hey all, quick intro. Glad to be a part of the forum. Finally got a new car after 18 years. Been driving around a 2003 Ford Escape since high school. She broke down and I was tired of putting money into an old car, so figured it was time for a new one. So here I am, purchased a 2019 Atlas SEL with 12k miles. Love the look, the previous owner put window tints on the front windows as well as the upper windshield. It looks awesome with the black rims.

Only thing is the dealer didn't have this color and spec in 4wd, which my old car was. They had a silver one but it was $4k more and had bucket seats in the second row, which I didn't want. I should be ok, it drove fine in the snow last week, but I do own a 19 ft boat that I trailer a lot. The atlas is rated for 5000 lbs which is more than double what my old Ford was rated for, so I don't think I should have any issues, even without the 4wd. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, here's a few pictures of the new whip.


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