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Fender Sound System

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Will be ordering Atlas in the next few months. Wondering how owners like the Fender sound system?
I took a test drive the other day but never thought of trying it.
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I like it. Better than the Bose in my Porsche Macan. The louder it is the better it sounds. I listened to some classical music today and it sounded fantastic.
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Love the system too. Great range and 12 speakers w/ subwoofer is better (IMO) than the factory 8 speaker system. My only issue, is that it appears they put (what I assume is) the amp under the front passenger seat and covered it with black Styrofoam (for heat?)......Anyone else have this setup? At first I thought it was a piece of packaging they forgot to remove when they unloaded the vehicle. Unbelievable that this is the German solution on a $50K SUV. Little short cuts like this drive me crazy.
I thought the Fender Sound System sounded excellent in the SEL Premium that I test drove. And it does sound better than the factory 8 speaker system. However, the 8 speaker system in my SE w/Tech doesn't sound bad. Just not as dynamic and a little less clarity than the Fender, but not bad. I'm hoping for the option to add the factory subwoofer to my system. Currently not available yet.
Rumor has it that they’ll be converting to Beats by Dre next year, too
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