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Electronics Computer Problems SE w/ Technology

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Experiencing numerous random computer electronics faults Atlas SE with Technology Package

Forward Collision System Fault
At 2500 miles the forward collision system and cruise control stopped working on a road trip to Cabo in Baja Sur Mexico. Called VW customer service requesting to have the collision system repaired by the VW dealership in Cabo San Lucas, Baja Sur Mexico. VW would not honor the warranty repair in Mexico (called twice) stating I would have to pay for repairs. They WOULD TRY to reimburse me if I submitted a claim once back in the USA. Filled out two customer surveys noting "Collision Fault" failure requesting VW customer service to contact me. Still waiting now for 3 months!!

VW "Car Net" monthly report never detected the "Forward Collision" system was not working

During the return drive the Forward Collision system started working.

Car Play Fault: Audio Music Car Play stays on during a Car Play phone call

Back Up Camera Fault: twice the Back Up Camera did not work when car was in reverse and backing up.

Fault Symbol "Triangle" appears but no fault display

Clock Time Random Fault: Dash board display: Clock setting hour/mintue appeared on dash display with hours continuously changing

Random faults never stay on for the VW dealer to verify problems. They have offered to reset system but no solutions

Would not recommend this car or VW
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You have 6 years/72K to deal with it - the dealer will have to be able to repeat the error or have a fault code to fix this - I am surprised some of these don't throw codes. Best thing to just keep a log of the issues, it doesn't sound like these are show-stoppers for you to continue to use the vehicle. We have had a few gremlins in our SEL with the front sensors going off seemingly randomly, hardly enough to be concerned about unless it's regularly happening and certainly not enough to make me have issues with VW or my this thing! Good luck.
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