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Design Comparison Thread: VW Atlas vs ????

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When spending the money we are on vehicles in this segment, design becomes somewhat important. Lucky for us there are some great options, of course the Atlas being one of them.

In my case being interested in both the Highlander and Atlas, Audi influence pulls me a bit towards the Atlas, but the boldness of the Toyota is also a major plus. What do you guys like/dislike about the Atlas' design vs the competition?

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I like how the Atlas has that front end separation with proper proportion of grill and bumper. The Toyota Highlander with that massive grill going straight from the top to the bottom really throws me off. Almost reminds me of what Mitsubishi is doing. There's that and at a certain point, you can have too many grill slats and that Highlander definitely has too many.

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Color choice does help and if the grille bothered me that much I would consider getting black.
But most people I know that get Highlanders have many reasons to get it aside from design, they're willing to sacrifice more on design.

Design isn't Toyota's strength

in black:

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Toyota's strength is in reliability and chassis, not really design as shown by the hideous C-HR, Yaris and the off Highlander grille. In comparison, the VW design may not be as spunky but it will appeal to a wider range of buyers from all ages who aren't really into the new hip exterior stylings.
The Atlas is just a very effective vehicle I think. It's practical in many aspects, you aren't really "settling" on anything as it more than suffices in the different categories that you'd look into. Design, isn't over the top amazing, but it isn't "just okay". It hits the right mark in keeping you looking professional but still stylish. Everything else really follows suit.
I actually went to the Toyota dealership the other day just to browse around and I seen the new Highlander and automatically assumed it was the Eclipse Cross until I realized how stupid of a thought that was.

I really don't like the highlander. The interior is decent, feels good, 7-seater and the two captain chairs in the middle row is nice but it just doesn't do it for me.
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