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I called my local dealership to install a tow package on my 2020 CS SEL 4Motion.

After it goes in and they install the hitch, they realize they didn't order the right bumper (or something, they couldn't tell me exactly what had gone wrong). They cut a hole in my original bumper to make room for the hitch and tell me they'll call when new bumper is ready.

Fast forward to me picking up after new bumper is installed. It looks like they cut holes for my backup sensors using and exacto knife or something. I tell the manager it won't fly and I can't believe they did that. He insists it came from the dealership that way and they did not cut holes b/c there is some special housing that the sensor has to pop into. After arguing with me about it he finally throws in that yeah, it looks bad and he'll order another.

Fast forward again to today. New bumper not installed yet. 2 days ago, my CS starts beeping any time I backup. I look and the sensor is GONE. The housing story was crap. The "we didn't cut it" story is crap.

Has anyone had the tow package installed that can share pics of what it SHOULD look like when installed?

Inside view of sensor hole.

Outside view of sensor hole.
Where they cut my old bumper.

Bumper after "first install"
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