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Totally unexpected, but see the attached photos. All 4 door handles are exhibiting this behavior. The VW dealer was shocked. I've never seen this happen on any new car (had my Atlas for about 45 days), regardless of the maker.

The dealer contacted VW, which they are apparently obliged to do for paint issues. The dealer was again surprised to have VW respond in under 24 hours. They are not to attempt a re-paint of the handles on my car, but are sending unpainted door handles to the dealer, who is supposed to have the VW certified body shop prep and paint them, and then install them. The dealer is then supposed to ship back the bad door handles for analysis.

I am very pleased with the level of urgency and service the dealer (and VW) are applying to this. Count me as a satisfied customer, even though I will be without my Atlas for a day or two.


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