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Changing Interior Light to LED

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Can anyone please tell me how to open the interior dome light because i would like to change it to a LED light. Also the fog lights as well.


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can you tell me how did you open your dome light
thank you
Hey - this listing has the tested bulbs
-all different style for each area of your car dome/trunk etc:
Complete Error Free Interior LED Kit fits: Volkswagen Atlas | deAutoLED

Items used for the DIYs below:

4pc tool kit:
4 Piece Auto Trim And Molding Tool Set - Great for Interior LED installation | deAutoLED

Interior LED kit:

Complete Brake / Tail LED Kit - Bright - Error Free - Fits: Volkswagen Atlas | deAutoLED

Amber rear turn signals:
Amber, Red or White Rear Turn Signals Fits: Volkswagen Atlas | deAutoLED

Bright Error Free Reverse LEDs Fits: Volkswagen Atlas | deAutoLED

Brighter License Plate LEDs:
License Plate LED Complete Housing Fits: MKVII 2015+ Volkswagen Sportwagen (GSW) / VW Atlas | deAutoLED

Also of note, I attempted this with the cheapo orange Chinese trim tools which snapped the tips off and left sharp edges and some scratches. I would have saved money getting the deautokey trim tools the first time! Live and learn...

Dome Lights:

Front domes lens removal:
Front section with lens removed:
Front section, this entire module may fall down with the lense, but it just pops back into place:

Middle row, start here at the BACK EDGE:
Middle row, move towards front edge undoing clips:
Middle row, lens removed: middle row housing/cover. NOTE THE SQUARE TAB on the front-most edge. You must start at the BACK of this panel to remove it or you will break that tab.

Rear row, start here to get the tool in: Note: Similar to the middle row, be sure to use the tool between the clear lense and the plastic outer frame, not between the frame and the cloth headliner.
Rear row, try to pull straight down as those long teeth can bend:

Taillight removal install pics:

Outer taillights need to be removed to access the bulbs.
Outer tail light, removed:
Outer tail light, opened: 4 black tabs pulled outward to release white bulb housing. There's a rubber seal inside the edge of the white housing, so it might take some effort.
Outer tail light access panel:
Outer tail light bracket thingy, turn to left 3/4 turn then pull the taillight straight out of the body:
To undo the plug, pull the red lock outwards, then squeeze tab and pull plug out of housing.

Inner tail light access panel:
Squeeze the black tabs and pull it out:
To undo the plug, pull the red lock outwards, then squeeze tab and pull plug out of housing.

Visor / Vanity Light:

Pull downward on the OUTER edge of each housing, closest to the side windows / furthest from the center console:

Footwells, Glovebox and Trunk:

Use a screwdriver to pry the grooved edge out of the panel, and twist them out. It does take considerable effort as there is a built in tab opposite the side of the wire connector on the clear housing. These 5 are all the same housing, but different bulbs / brightness control methods.

The RIGHT footwell will need to be unplugged before you pull it out since the wires are too short. You can pull down on the kick panel to get more space. The kick panel is very flexible. The screwdriver dimple is on the RIGHT side of the RIGHT housing.
The LEFT footwell has enough wire length to unplug after prying out. The screwdriver dimple is on the RIGHT side of the LEFT footwell housing.

The GLOVEBOX light, the screwdriver is on the left side of the housing. Due to the space available, this was the hardest to change.

The TRUNK lights, the screwdriver grooves are on the BACK edge of each housing.

Use a screwdriver to pry off the metal housing off of the plastic housing that holds the bulb. The metal casing will be HOT if the bulb was on. This metal shielding is a design feature, so be sure to bend it as necessary to put it back on the housing afterwards: and

License Plate Light:

There's a hook on one side of the housing and a spring on the other. Push the entire housing to the right and then pull down. These can be installed in either direction, so you may need to push left and then pull down.

OEM vs LED footwells:

OEM brake, tail, reverse and turn signals on right, deAutoLED on the left. The LED pulsing/flickering is not visible to the eye, it's a result of using my phone to record pwm LEDs.

deAutoLED plate light upgrade on left, OEM on right:

EDIT: I had first attempted using cheapo 194 LED Amazon wedge bulbs, but these do NOT work in the footwells (probably due to the PWM?,) and I couldnt get them to connect at all in the trunk, were too blue and too bright for the domes -- they also didn't turn off completely when the 'turn lights no when doors open' button is selected, and thus I have removed the link as I do not recommend using them. The deAutoKey LEDs all work as intended and installed easily.

I've also cleaned up links above to be clearer, removed an imgur album and put direct links to the correct images above.

2018 Launch Edition Atlas, although interior lighting appears to be the same on SE, SEL and SEL non-Premium. Still unknown is the SEL Premium lightig at this time.
anyone have the issue after changing the dome lights to LED that they stay on while driving?
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