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Certified Pre-Owned 6k miles

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So I came back from the dealer tonight, After finding the vehicle online. We really love the atlas. Couple of concerns though maybe people here can clear up for me. First one is the battery was dead after my wife took it for a 15 min test drive while I stayed with the kids. She came back and I went to take it for a test drive and the battery was dead. The car only has 6k miles on it and should not be having a dead battery. Second, how much depreciation should I expect to be off the vehicle since it has had already one owner? I’ve read anywhere from 19-30%. Should I steer clear of this vehicle?
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Some had faulty batteries, so have them put a new battery in and try it again. If it holds the charge over a few days, that was it. Dead battery again, there's a short somewhere, and it could be hard to find.
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