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Cargo Area cover - available?

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Anyone else buy an Atlas, and on the description sheet it said it included the retractable cargo area cover, but it didn't? The dealer gave us some BS that it was just standard language, and that the cargo area cover isn't even available yet... you can see recesses for where it would go, but even the volkswagen site doesn't list it as an available accessory. Anyone know what gives?
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I have a 2018 Atlas Execline and the cargo cover is actually hidden under the cargo area floor (where the spare tire and tools are). Have you looked there?

Hope this helps.
I picked up my SEL R-line this past Sunday. It has a March 2018 build date and the cargo cover is listed on the window sticker. It was indeed included and was stored underneath the rear cargo cover.
Just got an SEL Premium R-Line, 2022, and I got the same "....well it doesn't come w/ that but we found one in another vehicule and we are going to give you that".
I sold a 2023 Atlas that didn't come with a Tonneau cover either. I forgot to check the window sticker to see if it came with one. I found it weird too. I thought maybe the dealership traded with didn't send it.
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