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Car & Driver liked it

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Car & Driver online generally liked the Atlas. The only real pan was that it was a bit underpowered, but adequate for everyday use. They thought it handles well. I found this review very useful

2018 Volkswagen Atlas | In-Depth Model Review | Car and Driver

I think it was somewhere else that I read putting the driving mode into sport tightened the steering and made it feel more "VW like" - meaning "fun", although it did also raise the revs a bit too much when shifting in city driving.
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Its a recipe that has worked well for Toyota for decades so its no surprise when a brand that owns Audi does the same thing there is positive response. For VW's continued success in North America... that's all it might be.... offer a VW version of what other car makers are selling well of.

Funny enough they're already talking about spin off's of the Atlas in the form of smaller CUV's/SUV's.
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